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*Sounds the Oppo Horn* Car suggestions needed

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Over the weekend the engine in my brother’s ‘14 Focus suffered a coolant-starved death. Since it’s almost a guarantee the repairs will cost well more than the car is worth he’s asked me to start compiling a list of possible replacements.


The details of his requirements may evolve over the next couple days/weeks, but at the moment they are a hatch/wagon with a manual, heated seats, and a fuel economy over 25/31 city/highway. Needs to be no older than three years and under $25k. Doesn’t need to be sporty or quick (though it’s a plus), does need to be reliable. Sunroof a big plus but not a necessity.

So far what I’ve come up with is:
Honda Civic Sport Touring
Hyundai Elantra GT N-Line
Kia Forte SX
Subaru Impreza
Subaru Crosstrek
VW Golf/GTI/Alltrack


What does Oppo say, any suggestions to add? Any warnings against what I’ve already got on the list? For those wondering location he lives in central Connecticut.

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