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My K24 swap pilgrimage begins Saturday.

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Photo: MarquetteLa

The car is fueled, washed, and ready to be packed for my trip to Tennessee where I’ll be swapping the Mazda motor for a Honda K24A2. I’ll leave Colorado on Saturday shortly after midnight for a 1,300-mile drive across some very boring terrain. I’ve done this drive twice before in my Mazdaspeed6, but I haven’t taken the Miata on an interstate roadtrip since I bought the Speed6 in 2017.


I’m taking three weeks of vacation from work (and boy do I need that lol), but I’m hoping to have the swap done in a week and a half or so. My original plan was to take some time to visit friends and family along the route back home, but with the pandemic that doesn’t seem like the best idea. So I may end up coming back to CO early and taking the car to the small local track to get to grips with the new setup before competing in my new class at autocross.

Needless to say, it seems this week has been going by very slowly. How is it only Wednesday?! I’ll likely post updates on the build here on Oppo, but definitely follow me on Instagram @MarquetteLa for more frequent updates (also my neat mostly car photography).

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