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How many of you have given up on the FP?

In the beginning, I was a Jalopnik devotee. I guess that somewhere along the line, my default became to start at Oppo, then eventually work my way over to Jalopnik. Lately though, I feel like it has become more of a start at Oppo, then wander off Kinja completely.

The comments section on the FP has gotten pretty horrible it seems. And yeah, I get it, it’s the internet and people here are generally horrible. But more so than usual, unless it’s just because I haven’t been there much lately. I also feel like a lot of the writers I really liked have moved on to other things. Elizabeth Blackstock’s racing news and Andrew Collins’ adventures are about the only things I really read now. Everyone else seems to just offer hot takes, random nonsense passing for hot takes, or just self-important ramblings.


And heaven forbid anyone commenting have an opinion. I feel like it regularly takes less than 3 consecutive posts before everything devolves into name-calling or otherwise useless crap.

Maybe I’m just getting old. But am I the only one feeling this way, or is that a sentiment that others have found as well?


Anyway, here’s a thing I like. Please don’t crap all over me for liking a thing.

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