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Soooo I bought a GTR

Sold my Tesla and bought a GTR. It’s been modified, has a terrible wrap on it, but it’s still every bit a beast. From preliminary investigations it has quality mods on it and is way faster than stock. I’m having a shop tomorrow go over the mods and I will be getting an idea of what it’s capable of.

Will be daily driven, in all weather, If it breaks it get fixed and driven till I see 200k miles on the odometer (currently has 60k). Biggest cons so far: The horrible wrap, which will need to be changed (still haven’t decided on a color). No bluetooth streaming audio, drone from the exhaust is tiring, and the constant attention needs to end. Almost had someone pull into my lane trying to take pictures. I kinda blame it on the wrap. But other than that, it’s been every bit of the car I thought it would be.


Finally need suggestions on custom plates. I know they’re tacky but............I will make an exception. And no, I don’t want any of 1000 versions of godzilla or v8 lol. I want something fresh and different.

My Iridescent (GTR) and while im at it, what the fuck is this bullshit?
Photo: I credit my credit union for crediting me the credits needed to credit this vehicle to my garage. CREST

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