It is now called Corvaira-Fuckabee-Sanders in honour of it’s new facial symmetry. (you shouldn’t make fun, but my face is’t dead straight either)

She broke down (vaporlocked again) 20 feet from the border. Border patrol Pushed me across the line. Poured cold water on my fuel pump and % minutes later, this:

had to play with crunched wires to get the other 3 lights working. Drove it home with the top down, because that was the plan and I meant what I said. Still had the automotive time of my life, using y considerable common sense and applying it to something ill-advised and dangerous. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

No need to watch roadkill if you live it.


Cannonballed this barn car from the Rio Grande to my house, six days on the road.


I fell off oppo for a couple days ‘cause I was busy road warrioring. I’ll get a post up with all the deets and some more pics.