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Day 15 of house hunting. This is not going well.

We’ve looked at around a dozen places in our price range. All but 2 were so bad I wouldn’t even send a dog there to die. Unlivable garbage. Found 2 that were decent. One said they would email us the application, didn’t, didn’t respond to our follow-up, then changed the ad to “rented”... The other was looking good until we sent in the application which they rejected because we have a cat. Would have saved a bunch of time had they mentioned that they wouldn’t allow pets in their ad.

This may become an issue as 99% of the available properties do not allow pets. The ones that do are so bad even a pack of angry dogs couldn’t make them any worse. I’ve had the cat for over 10 years, longer than my wife and I have been together. He’s not going anywhere, unless it’s with us. My stress level is rising though.


Got a bunch of stuff boxed up at least, so there’s that I guess. 45 days until everything goes in storage and we end up in a hotel. Or something.


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