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I did a Stupid

This morning I had a big ole cup of humble served hot and fresh.

I went to pick my boat up from the shop. Then headed to work. About 4 blocks from work I hear a thud, look back and see the boat leaning to the left, I slow down, move to the shoulder, and see my trailer wheel roll of into a ravine.

Graphic: That worked out well

A few days earlier I had the thought “I only put those wheels on with the impact, I don’t think I ever torqued the bolts...” but I was at work, and totally forgot about it. The bolts decided that backing off until the wheels falls off was a good way to remind me that I’m an idiot.


So I got the boat out of the road, and spent 10 minutes looking for the wheel in the woods. Found it! The the cops showed up to lend a hand, and informed me that my license plate was expired lol. They told me it would be fine to leave the boat on the sidewalk while I went to get a jack and new bolts.

When home for my Jack, impact, and most importantly torque wrench. Then went to L&M to get bolts. But first I stopped by the boat and grab one of the bolts off the other side so I’d know what to get. I did find a set. They were on clearance because technically the store no longer carries them! But they had 3-4 sets left. 7 bucks later I had the bolts I needed.


Went back got the wheel on, except on bolt because the last few threads were striped I’ll have to address that when I get home. I ended up with one extra bolt because they came in sets of 5. So I’ll make a tap out of that and hoped clean up those couple wallard out threads

Ultimate I’m thankful no one got hurt. 

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