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OPPO - please convince me to keep the M3 and not buy a Chevy SS (or don't). UPDATE - y'all are a bad influence...

Illustration for article titled OPPO - please convince me to keep the M3 and not buy a Chevy SS (or dont). UPDATE - yall are a bad influence...
Photo: Am I actually considering a RED car? Shocking!

UPDATE: I’m buying it! And my brother’s going to buy my M3 - LOL. And here’s what I didn’t mention: the car only has 130o MILES ON IT! I told him it’s not going to be a garage queen in my possession, and he said he’s happy it’s going to someone who’ll use it the way it’s supposed to be. I’ll definitely feel the pressure to keep it pristine for a few years!


From the listing:

I have made the difficult decision to sell my SS. Life changes have caused me to go in a different direction vehicle wise. This is the second SS I have owned, both have been a joy to own and drive.

One owner, purchased new with 44 miles on odometer from Victor Chevrolet – Victor, NY in November 2017. Shipped to Texas via covered transport. Never driven in rain or inclement weather under my ownership. Still has new car smell. Always garage kept. Break in procedures diligently followed per owner’s manual. No paint chips/scratches or wheel rash. Hand washed only using two bucket method. Oil changed under warranty at 641 miles 08/19/19 by local Chevy dealer. Battery regularly kept on tender. Never smoked or eaten in. Showroom condition inside and out. There is lien on car with local bank. Free local pickup. Buyer is responsible for shipping.

No performance mods

Cosmetic mods
Holden steering wheel air bag (!!)
Holden black out front grille
LS3 badge front bumper
Holden wheel center caps
Holden badge on trunk with SSV/VFII Redline badges
Black out front fender side air vents
Black out fog lamp bezels
Holden floor mats
Holden trunk cargo mat
Window tint all around Madico film 30% rear/20% sides
Black license plate frame rear bumper

Included in sale
All Chevrolet & chrome bits removed
Full size OEM spare rim/matching tire mounted in trunk with OEM jack/wrench/storage
tray/retainer plate. Rim has stickers on it same as from factory
Spare tire inflator kit
Battery maintenance card
2017 brochure
Dr. Color Chip touch up paint kit - never used
Original floor mats - never used
Car cover
Muzzy’s CAGS skip shift eliminator – never installed
OEM front license plate frame – never installed
Original window sticker



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Here’s the conversation with my brother, who might be test-driving the above car for me this weekend:


Thanks – there’s an older automatic for sale at a dealer here in town. I’ll try to find time to check it out, but probably will be next week ([the inlaws] are coming in town this evening for the long weekend).

So, brass tacks… better to pay to continue to maintain/repair an old car, or take the annual hit on depreciation on a new one?


The M3 will have some larger maintenance costs coming up in the next few years, but should be at the bottom of its depreciation curve (probably worth $15k now, after 8 years and 90k miles with me).

The SS will depreciate, but it’s actually a very rare, desirable car with the manual, so should hold value well. A similar car (Pontiac G8 CXP – also a rebadged Holden) has listings for $30k+ (2009 model).


The smart money would just sell the fun car and then drive the Tacoma until it dies, but we both know that’s not going to happen! [He’s a financial advisor.]

Clearly, the correct answer is to buy a car that will never depreciate, like a GT3. I’m glad we had this talk; I’ll inform [Mrs. addiction] of our plans.

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