Aaaaand...we’ve reached the end. No, not numerically (the pleasures of the 20, 21, 25 and 30 await) but chronologically. The 19 was the last numbered Renault to be introduced. Its other claim to fame was that it was designed by Giugiaro although he possibly wasn’t having his best of days at the time. Also, it’s one of only two of the numbered Renaults that I’ve recently seen on the road.

Anyway, let’s revel in its mundaneness.

The original

The facelift.

You also got an even more mundane three box one called the Chamade. I remember these, they were quite popular here and very often in that colour.


Too boring for you? There was a convertible, because they were a thing in the 1990s.


The hood went here.

It was better in there, because otherwise the car looked like this. Bonus Ford Ka Mk1.


Despite the fact that it would be considered by some as a typically tiny, unexportable European car, the 19 was made in three continents.