I hope Cé hé sin doesn’t mind me borrowing his shtick, but I have an aircraft for today: the Avia S-199.

Illustration for article titled 19/9!

Frankensteined out of parts and plans for the bf 109(fuselage and wings) along with the Jumo 211 engine and prop from the He 111 bomber, the S-199 was produced in Czechoslovakia from ‘47 to ‘49, and twenty-five were purchased by Israel (where it was known as Sakeen (knife) and fought (though not all at the same time) in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The planes weren’t well liked, and had had very poor handling qualities on the ground and in the air. Still, the fledgling IAF did manage to score some kills against Egyptian Spitfires and C-47s (acting as bombers). The plane is available in Third Wire’s Strike Fighter Israel for Android, which I highly recommend.  


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