America’s Supercar is way over 6 figures now and is ready to play with the likes of Ferrari, Porsche, etc.

As stated before, the coupe starts at $120,990. The convertible is an extra 4 grand.

As we all know, the 2019 ZR-1 is powered by a monster 6.2 L 755 horse supercharged V8 . You can either route that power through the standard 7 speed manual with Active Rev Matching or through the $1725 8 speed auto.

There are 2 trims: 1ZR and 3ZR. 1ZR is the base of course. 3ZR adds luxury items like heated seats, Nappa Leather surfaces etc. Choosing the 3ZR takes the price to $129,995 before any options. The car comes standard with wheels that honestly dont do the car justice and look cheap:


I choose the 1ZR because who really needs heated seats with almost 800 horses?

There at 10 exterior color choices and 3 premium ones that are all $995 bucks each. I choose the cool looking orange color that was shown when it debuted. Chevy calls it Sebring Orange Tintcoat. You can also get a Black hood strip for $500 bucks. There is one interior color choice as well: Black leather.



There’s one option package: ZTK Track Performance Package. Its $2,995 and comes with:

  • Stanchion-mounted adjustable carbon fiber high wing
  • Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport Cup 2 run-flat, summer-only tires1
  • Performance suspension with specific shocks and springs
  • Removable carbon fiber end caps for front splitter (Coupe) (For track use only)

I added it of course because for something like this its a no brainer. Selecting this package requires the addition of performance suspension as well, which...should be on the ZR-1 to begin with.



There are quite a few exterior options. In addition to the terrible looking standard wheels seen above, there are 3 other wheels. I choose the Black staggered 19' front 20' rear seen on the Orange ZR-1 above for $595. These ride on summer only tires. There are 9 mechanical options. Of these I choose the 8 speed auto for $1795 (bad knees make manuals hard to drive for me sometimes) and Black break calipers. I found it weird that all of the brake caliper colors, 2, black and dark gray, are no charge, but red and yellow are $595 a piece.

There were other options like car covers and special gas caps, wheel locks etc. But there were 2 that stood out. The first is the Corvette engine build experience. For $5,000 you get to:

  • Hand build your engine at the GM Performance Build Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky, under the supervision and support of skilled technicians
  • A personalized nameplate will be added to your engine once completed
  • Requires a sold order
  • Customer will be contacted by a concierge from the National Corvette Museum to facilitate scheduling and logistics


I thought this was pretty cool and I would something like this. The other is the option for you to get a Corvette Museum delivery in Bowling Green. For a not bad $990 bucks you get to:

  • Take delivery of your new Corvette at the National Corvette Museum (NCM) in Bowling Green, KY
  • The NCM will contact you to schedule your Museum Delivery appointment and inform you of the documents you need at delivery
  • On your special day, you and up to 3 guests receive a VIP tour of the museum which includes seeing your new Corvette on display
  • You’ll receive a delivery presentation, followed by a drive-off ceremony
  • A personalized plaque with your name and the NCM logo located in the front console area of the dash commemorates the Museum Delivery (replaces standard plaque)


Interior wise like I mentioned before, there is only one leather color. But you do have the option to either have the standard GT seats, or competition seats. I added those, which cost $1,995. Adding those seats required adding suede microfiber to those seats and the wheel, coming to a total of $2690. I also added the option of the 8' touchscreen infotainment system, which required the addition of a $1795 performance data and video recorder.

Skipping all the meaningless accessories like luggage, you’re looking at a $130,000 Corvette. $129,065 to be exact. The 3ZR? Nearly $150 grand, maybe more depending on which options you choose. A lot of coin for sure, but considering the giant killing performance this thing should have, I think its a fantastic buy.