Because 1912's day sounds stupid.

Welcome back to the weekly installment of 2sday where I find an interesting automobile built in a year ending in 2 (because Tuesday). The past 2 installments profiled an electric racecar from 1902 and an 1892 Panhard-Lecassor.

This week it is 1912. I challenge the Oppo community to find interesting automobiles built in 1912, bonus points if you can find a eBay/CL listing.

For this weeks installment I found the manifestation of what the automobile was described as during its birth - a horseless carriage.

This is a 1912 Flanders Colonial Electric. Like last week it is an electric car; however, it is not very fast. Built in Pontiac, Michigan by the Flanders Manufacturing Company, this car featured a stagecoach design where the occupants faced each other like they were sitting in a stage coach.


I am not sure how the driver saw where they were going, or in fact, how they drove the car. That is probably why the car eventually got recalled due to some "design flaws." I wonder what they could have been?

What interesting cars from 1912 can you find?