Welcome back to another installment of 2sday where the Oppo community looks at interesting and fine automobiles from years past. The rules are simple, you must find a car that was made in the year in the title (in this case 1922), bonus points awarded to for sale listing (i.e. eBay and CL).

This week the year is 1922. Today we are taking great strides in alternate vehicle fuels; however, back in the twenties their were many different types of propulsion systems available. One of the most popular was the cyclecar. Essentially a cyclecar is a car powered by a motorcycle engine.

This week features the 1922 Bow-V-Car. What makes this car different from other cyclecars of that era. This car has a naturally aspirated vee-twin engine located in the rear of the car providing power to the rear wheels. It is essentially a 1922 Porsche 911.

Built by the Plycar Company of London, England, this cyclecar was primarily made of plywood. Which means 2 things 1.) There are not many left today thanks to dry rot, and 2.) If you do own one and need to repair the body/frame, all you need to do is make a trip to Home Depot and spend far less than you would on a Porsche repair. The base model of the car cost 180 GBP (~$276) which today would equate to $3857, try buying a naturally aspirated Porsche with that.


What other cars from 1922 can you find?

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