1929 Ford Model A Roadster - the Oppositelock Review

[Full disclosure: Ford wanted me to drive this car so bad every single engineer, even Henry Ford himself died in their quest to hunt me down and get me to write it up for Oppo. Long forgotten in the woods of Downeast Maine and adorned with aftermarket accesories, I was finally able to fulfill their wishes and go for a drive. I sacrificed most of my blood to the black flies to do so.]

So here it is, one ‘29 Model A Roadster, owned by my girlfriends father and kept inside a garage and chicken coop. Old man Ford probably never envisioned Billy the Bass strapped to the back bumper as anti-tailgating bait, but I still had the chance to first get chauffeured around in the rumble seat with my lady for a while - but also to flog it on some logging trails. Probably very similar to what counted for roads up there when this thing was shiny and new. So here it is, the Oppo Review


Exterior - 8/10

While in pretty tough shape, I am giving it many points for patina. It certainly wears that well. The car is currently on it’s second owner after being abandoned by the originals family for decades. It appears the red 2 tone on the body was added somewhere in it’s second decade of life, and alot of the rotted body panels have been replaced. Haters to the left please, it is all there and I could fix it with a rattle can in an hour, but why would anyone want to?

Interior - 3/10

There are seats, or what is left of them, in there. The drivers seat wears the remnants of a material you might find on a chair in your great grandmothers dining room (in green, my favorite!) but that is hidden by a nasty old comforter. The rumble seat is a straight frame with bare springs, covered by a nastier comforter. Alot of you may say 0/10, but they work. It isn’t milk crates - though if that was what was in there, you bet I would have driven it still. Door held shut with a bungee, of course. Below is the rumble seat, this would be a case of zero fucks given as well


Engine - 7/10

Solid, still runs after the better part of 9 decades. The note is somewhat intoxicating when you hit the go pedal with noone but the birds around. Here is how you start it up, filmed during my tutorial before setting out.


Transmission - 10/10

If you can drive a manual with no syncros, this is one shining star in the A’s repertoire. 3 speed on the floor, dogleg 1-2-3. Keep your double clutch game strong, and it rewards you. You can roll out in first and skip to second before you get on the gas. 3rd is long but needed. Too much spirited driving without letting it settle in 3rd causes a touch of overheating.


Handling - 5/10

Being fortunate enough to drive it in the dirt, I just treated it like a big go kart. Steering was heavy, mechanism was sticky in a few places, tires too bald and skinny to grip, but god damn is it fun. I did catch a bit of Oppo, but not really at any fantastic rate of speed. Last thing I wanted to do was end up in a ditch miles from home with no seatbelt on.

Brakes - 1/10

I am just laughing about this. The fronts were barely there, the rears faded in about 2 seconds, and the e brake was a ghost. Watch the above video of bombing a hill with barely any brakes and laugh along with me (severe wind buffering in the video, beware). Mechanical brakes are easy enough to adjust. Next time I go up there I will give them some love.


Reliability - 8/10

On the high side, because though I stalled it a few times and overheated it, it started right back up and got us back. Also it is an ancient Ford that still runs year after year with a trickle charger on the battery. It has also been taken more than 50 miles away last summer. It is doing better in the reliability department than it’s prewar Ford room mates at least


Toys - 10/10

I mean the damn thing is a big toy. If you mean “modern amenities” you are dead to me. Here is a demonstration of the cupholder device, which actually held the cups on a run up the street.


Value - 10/10

You cannot have this much fun in a car for under a grand, and closer to half that. It is impossible. Torchbug has been with this car as well last year. It agrees


Billy the Bass thanks you for reading, and plugs in another 10/10 to make it 71 out of 100

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