Inspired by this post to go hunting my local CL for “barn” (as in “barn find,” if that doesn’t go without saying). And up came this gem:

It’s a cool looking car that has some 50's cues, sweeping curved fenders which I always like, and then, upon closer inspection:

Yep, suicide doors. Also, what is that little thing sticking out of the B pillar there? Turn indicator?

Anyway, it looks to be dripping with character and P A T I N A and also fits in with my desire to have something rare-but-not-expensive-rare.

What do you think, $5,000 for this thing? If it’s not all rust underneath, I’d call that a good price. I’d love to get this thing back into functioning condition. It looks pretty complete, for such a thing. It even has a parts catalog! Because I’m sure you can order those on!



But that sunroof will never work right again. Or it will never *not* leak. Or both.


A quick search leads me to believe these are pretty good cars: