Welcome back to 2sday, the series where we take a look back at interesting cars of the past. Last week we relished in the memories of 50 years of 2sday, noting the many changes that have occurred in automobiles from its birth to World War II.

Today we enter the 1950s. Some say this is the golden era of automobiles. We are introduced to the land yachts of American auto makers. Hudson was dominating the newly formed NASCAR racing series, the war had concluded, and it was a time of prosperity.

This week we look across the pond as 1952 was the introduction of one of the most well known British track cars, the Lotus Mark IV.

The Lotus Mark IV is the predecessor to the more well know Lotus/Caterham 7. This was the first production car designed by Colin Chapman. The car was powered by a 1172cc Ford 4-cylinder engine which yields a full 50 horsepower allowing it to power around the track at a top speed of 93 mph.


This final iteration of the Mark series of cars dominated British road racing an helped establish this type of car as a favorite for both professional and amateur racers.

This post is going to be a special double feature because another very important motor vehicle debut in 1952. George Klein working for the National Research Council of Canada created the first recorded motorized wheelchair which was created to help veterans returning from the war. Although not a car, it cannot be denied that the motorized wheelchair is one of the most important motorized vehicles ever created.


Photo credits: Wikipedia, Google Images

So Opponauts, what interesting cars can you find from 1952?