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1954 Porsche "Pupulidy Special" (The "Pup")

One-off built by Emil Pupulidy of Long Island.  Pupulidy fashioned it after the streamlined racers he had watched in Europe, and possibly the tiny Glockler-Porsche Spyder he saw driven by Max Hoffman at Bridgehampton in 1952. With inspiration from aerodynamic beauties like the Mercedes and Auto Union Grand Prix and Land Speed record cars, Pupulidy built a wooden buck and hand laid a fiberglass body into a sleek racer.

One unique feature was the layout and design of the Porsche torsion bars extending rearward, stabilizing the swing axles.


More information on the car and the man here.


Anyone noticing that the first picture gets the bottom cut off after clicking "Read more".  Can't expand the pic from Oppo either.  I first noticed it on Party's pic of the hillclimb car this morning.  Last picture above is a re-attach of the first in case anyone wanted wallpaper of what I think is the nicest photo.

Edit:  I guess you can't add a duplicate image for some reason.  I go to "Edit" and the first is also the last, but it won't post.  I'll download and upload I guess.  Very strange.

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