A fascinating 30-minute film of the Grand Prix, from a rainy practice through the race. Open cockpits, no seat belts, no fire suit, rudimentary helmet. It's amazing that any drivers survived from this era, let alone the fans, who hugged the side of the road without even a guard rail between themselves and the cars. But there's Fangio and Moss, another 1-2 for Mercedes, with Farina fighting for third in the Ferrari. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?

In those days, Spa-Francorchamps was an 8.8 mile monster of a course, with cars turning laps at an average of 120 mph. The fastest lap in 1955, turned in by Fangio, was 4:20.6. You can see the parts of the original track that remain to this day: Blanchemont, La Source, Eau Rouge, Radillon. It would be fascinating to see what a modern F1 car could do on a course such as this.