1955 Chevy Bel Air Project Update - Small Steps

Little update on the 55 Chevy. Since the last update (Here), not much visible progress. Got the clutch linkage hooked up, started going through the wiring again, started putting the dash trim back on, and then lastly my grandfather and I pulled the windshield in. Started testing the switches and dash lights, it was really neat seeing the tail lights light up again after 10 years. The lenses are vintage aftermarket Lee Lenses that when the tail light and brake light are on there is a floating “diamond” in the lens. The progress has been slowing due to getting to a point where interior pieces need to be plated and its getting really hard to find a local chrome shop that’s reputable. The plan is to have the car at least ready to fire up at the end of the month and be close to finished by the end of the year.


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