1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept

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This Lincoln was built to show people that Ford could build concept cars just as fancy as Chrysler’s. It was designed by Gian Paolo Boano, a designer who used to work for Ghia. It was heavily jet-inspired in the styling department and has some of my favorite tailpipes of any concept car:

Illustration for article titled 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Concept

Of course, you’re probably ten times more likely to burn your arm on the exhaust with them exiting the fender like that (assuming they’re all functional, which they probably aren’t), but it just looks too cool. If you got up close to it, though, that’s when things started looking less glamorous. The build quality was horrendous, and not only did the hood not fit right due to one of the fenders being over an inch longer than the other, but the hood clamps were made from bent oil cans. On top of that, the roof was also crooked and when the bodywork was stripped for restoration, it was found that the body contained over fifty-five gallons of lead body filler. Yikes. Luckily though, after said restoration it looks much better and sold at auction for approximately who cares, you can’t afford it anyway. But dang if it ain’t a nice thing to look at...

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