1960’s era traffic light control

Just thought some others might enjoy seeing the inner workings of a traffic light control box from 1965. This was still in service in the town where I work until today.

It controlled the two lights on Main Street. That’s why the tumbler had two stacks of red, green, yellow, and black disks.

The main electrical panel. The bulb is there to keep the box warm in the winter.


The timer system. It’sbasically a more sophisticated version of an old style light timer.

This tumbler rotates and you can see the contacts that send power to the different bulbs of the streetlights.


The man that was installing the new control said he services 2500 traffic signals, and this was the only one of this style still in service. Replacement parts went out of production sometime in the late 80’s and spares from controllers that other jurisdictions replaced kept this one going till now.

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