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1964-1967 Gordon-Keeble

Around 10 years ago, my parents bought for me a book which displayed tons of cars from around the world. Three of the cars in that book stuck out to me for their quirks. One of those was the Lexus SC/Toyota Soarer, which you all know how I feel about that. Another was the Facel Vega, one of the finest things I’ve ever laid my eyes on. The third was the Gordon Keeble.


The Gordon Keeble is not unlike the Facel Vega at all, it was a luxurious grand tourer built by a small-time manufacturer with some aircraft inspiration, except this time it came from the other side of the English England.

Built between 1964-1967, the Gordon Keeble employed the use of a 5.4 Chevy Small block which gave the gorgeous Bertone-styled coupe some oomph to match its grace (and also probably made it one of the more reliable 60s British cars). However shortly after production began, money ran out and there was some supply issues, which left the company in shambles. Around 190 cars were built and sold.


But isn’t it a pretty thing though?

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