I wish I was in Automotive Advertising all the way back in the 60's so I could have worked on some of these. Thankfully I was able to actually work on Advertising for Mercury before the brand was shut down, I tragically even worked on some of their "fade out" projects, aka Mercury Sunset. I like to think of myself as not only the Resident "Muscle Mercury" guy, but also the Resident Automotive Ad guy on OPPO.

I've worked on Chevy, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Audi, and Subaru. Ford, Lincoln, Mercury has been both international and US.

Here's a taste of my Montego from when it was launched (1968 was the first year!). Note, they even have it in my color scheme, and configuration! 2 Door Hard Top, MX trim, in Cardinal Red with Black Vinyl Top!


EDIT: My car for reference:


(not me in driver's seat, was a birthday gift to my little brother to let him drive it)