1969 Baja Update: New front tires and wheels, fender paint test and headlight fitting.

The title covers it!

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The new wheels look fantastic on the front. So much so.. I’m going to buy a set for the rears soon. The old fender came out great with sanding, priming, sanding again, then sanding, and finally, sanding to 600 before giving it a nice layer of Ford Blue Implement Paint from Tractor Supply Co (using a reducer and hardener, it shines fantastically and has almost no orange peel. It’s harder than nails too.) The headlight mount assembly is from a Harley Davidson. Wrong part, at the right price 14 bucks vs 60 for the ones that would be OEM on the car). The LED headlight is just a cheapie to see how it looks. if i fall in love with it, and those dont work out, I’ll get some JW Speaker parts.

The fender is also rubber undercoated on the bottom to keep it from getting too beat up. I will probably give it another coat before calling it good/permanent.


The repairs list stands as follows:

  • Turn Signals
  • Shifter Bushing
  • Shocks and Bushings as needed (most seem okay.. preventative)
  • Electrical Rebuild and battery relocation/dual AGM battery kit.
  • Winch Install
  • Seats
  • Rust Repair (Pax side quarter panel, Pax side battery tray.. probably related to a failed battery.)
  • Body Sanding, Work, and Paint
  • All new rubber seals
  • Wipers
  • Windshield Replacement
  • Carpet Kit
  • Entertainment and Coms stack (GMRS and Ham radio, and bluetooth enabled stereo)

Brakes and clutch are back in good shape, though the engine DOES have an oil leak I will be addressing soon. I might also go ahead and consider a preemptive rebuild on the trans as well as an upgrade to a heavy duty side plate and welded 3-4 gears because of the uprated engine output (1800cc making 85.5 hp on the dyno vs stock 1500cc making 31 on the dyno.)

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