I’ve been lurking and not posting much recently. It’s been a busy summer between work, family functions, friends and a couple weddings. I haven’t been able to get as much done on the car as I’d like, but I’m slowly making progress. After dealing with some vapor lock issues I think I may have finally gotten those sorted for the most part. I had some time to myself last night so I took the car out for a cruise.

It feels great to just have the car out and not be diagnosing issues. I am however still struggling with getting the carb tuning down to where I would like it to be. So I said screw that noise and ordered up an EFI kit.


I went with this one from FiTech. http://www.fitechefi.com/default.asp.pg…

Not only does it provide a lot of nice options that some of it’s competitors don’t have, but it’s also literally half the price. Even though it’s still new and I’m taking a bit of a risk on an unproven product, I’m excited to see what it’ll do and how it transforms the car!