1969 Firebird Update: 2-4-15

It's been a couple cold months mixed in with the holidays, so I haven't had much time to do anything with the car. I do have a quick update now however.

I ordered wheels and tires about a month ago and they showed up yesterday. I mounted a rear wheel to check fitment and all is good. In fact, I could have gone wider. These are a 17x9.5 with a 275/40/17 BFG Sport Comp 2. I've got a solid inch and a half inboard that I'm not using. I may check fitment of these up front and order a 10" wheel with a 285 tire for the rear.


Glass service is coming out on Friday and will be installing front and rear glass. I've got to replace a single stud on the driver front rotor and then I'll be able to take it for a quick shakedown to make sure I don't have any rub issues.

Getting ever closer!

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