So you know when you are talking to someone and they get the idea that you are into cars, they pop the question so "what's your dream car? " to keep the conversation going. If they are into cars it's a question they really are interested in hearing. If they are not (the usual) they could care less about the answer; it's just something to keep away awkward silence. These are the same type of people who think your answer to that question would either be a Ferrari or a Lamborghini and if you were to try and explain to them that it is actually a Buick Grand National or a Datsun 240z they would look at you as if you just ate fecal matter. For me, I hold strong to naming the E46 M3 in Laguna Seca Blue as my dream car.

It's a car that handles great, has timeless beauty, sounds great and is pretty quick. By this time, the non car enthusiast conversation partner has probably wished he/she never started the conversation but hey, I'm speaking my mind. So this makes me wonder, fellow Oppositelockers, what are your dream cars and why?