Usually when people go on vacation you put a hold on everything work related. I almost consider YouTube my work at times, because it takes a lot of time. I thus wasn’t planning on shooting many videos, but just in case I brought all my gear with me. (which consists of 3 action cameras, mounts and a entry level mirrorless DSLR camera, all of which easily went in my carry on).

During a conversation with my brother in the Netherlands his 1972 Peugeot 204 came up. We both didn’t even think of it until that moment in time. It was decided pretty much on the spot that a review had to happen. Naturally it would turn out to be both a review of the car as a review of the Dutch country side. He got it out of the garage, we cleaned it up and went for a drive, the result of which is below:

Editing videos like these are a true happy place for me. Sure, I was missing being there, but glad I took the time to shoot this with my brother. It will be forever on YouTube, and I imagine us looking back at this 30 years down the line.