This is my first ever Diecast Review here on Oppo!
You know, sometimes i look at these cars and i tought i would love to share some reviews about it. So here we are, the first car (or model?), the Mitsubishi Galant Sigma.

This car is the third-generation of the car was introduced in 1976 and was known as a Galant Sigma. I think it was sold in America as Mitsubishi Lancer, and it's waaaay cooler than the current Galant. The diecast itself was part of Tomica Limited Vintage series, which is they always put a ridiculous amount of detail on it. The car comes in quite a lot of colors, but i only have the Red an White one. So, is the diecast is cool as well? Let's see.

Exterior and Detail: 8/10


Well, being a Tomica Limited Vintage Neo, the details is crafted is staggering. You got the badge, the light is transparent plastic, just like the glass on the car. They also got the wheels right, and put rubbers in it. Even this thing is just a 1/64. This thing also has some suspension travel, like a real car.

The only complaints is, there's no rear-view mirror. Altough i think it's a common practice in Tomica Limited Vintage where the leave out such detail like mirrors and hood ornaments. So, as long as the car has no hood ornament, it's a brilliant looking thing. And oh, we cannot open the doors. Tomica used to have a door/hood/trunk/ whatever thing on the car that can be opened . This one don't.


Interior: 8/10

You know, for a 1/64, having a interior alone is great; Let alone get the interior look great and accurate. But those tomica gus has done a great job of making the interior. Just look at that steering wheels!
Again, It's a shame we cannot open the doors tough


Value: 3/10

This thing is expensive. Really expensive.

Quick lookup on ebay, i found the cheapest one on sale was 20 bucks. And that's for a car, that anyone hardly remember, it's quite a lot.


Rarity: 6/10

In diecast term, this thing is quite easy to find. But in the real car term..
Well, when is the last time you see one of these pooling around?
So yeah, it's quite rare in real life, but plentiful in Tomica World.


Collectability: 4/10

I think because this thing is not that rare, and not really sought after, it's not really collectible. You can easily found one, but don't expect the price will rise soon, because it's just a Galant, it's always forgotten :(



Well, this thing is expensive, not really sought after, and not that detailed. It's still an amazing piece of diecast by Tomica, but unless you're a diehard Galant fans or a die-hard Tomica fans, i don't really recommend you to bought these. Still, if you want a tomica, better save up for something better, like 911 Carrera or 190E.