Oppo! Yesterday was my 17th birthday and as I said the day before, I was going to buy either a Volvo 780 or a ‘77 Honda Civic CVCC. Welp, against almost everyone’s opinions that I received (thank you oppo), I bought the CVCC.

Here it is! Well..... (continue below)

Besides the fact that mine is orange! And maybe has a little rust... all over... and it’s falling apart... This one also appears to be moving at speed, something that mine is less good at doing. But hey! It’s mine! And it was 300 dollars! Not a bad deal if you ask me!

I’ve had a countless number of people tell me in the last 30 or so hours of ownership tell me how much of a dumb ass I am, and how I’m never going to get my money back, and how I can’t fix it well enough to ever make it worth having. And to tell you the truth I don’t get what they’re on about! I’m so tired of listening to that crap!

I understand what I’m doing people. I did not buy myself a car to make a profit, or to win a concourse, or to even fully restore. I knew going into the ordeal that buying a rusted out 39 year old Japanese economy car was not going to fetch me a return. That’s not why I bought it!


I bought myself this car for FUN! OH MY GOD IMAGINE THIS! WHAT A NEW AND UNHEARD OF CONCEPT! I enjoy wrenching. I enjoy the concept of taking a car that is on its way out, and essentially giving it a second chance at life. The guy I bought the Civic off of was sending it to the junkyard the next day if no one bought it. How could I let that happen to such a cute little gem! So I went down to his house with $300 cash and drove it home! It still drives even!

My plan is to have the car ready for the first Saturday in April. The first Minnesota Cars and Coffee of 2016. Here, I will show all the fools and doubters that I in fact can fix a 300 dollar 39 year old rust can and have a good time doing it. Here is a list of all the things I know it needs right now...

Cylinder Head, Head Gasket, Some coolant leak fixed, Brake Master Cylinder, The brakes are also stuck on sort of, Seals because when it rains the car fills with water, Lots of welding and rust fixing, a mirror, and a little love.


I’ll write every week on Sunday night. I’ll also find out how to upload pictures of the car. Thanks for reading!