1977 Pontiac Grand Prix

So, my Uncle bought this car when he was 16, in 1981, he drove it for ten years until he got married and my Aunt asked him to get a better family car. So, in 1991 my Uncle parked his Grand Prix in a barn out on some family land, drained the liquids and left it to sit with the plan of coming back after he retired and restore it to a shining standard. 25 years later it’s still sitting exactly where he left it and has slowly been buried under random bits of wood and trash. A couple months ago I talked to him about his first car and he told me that if I could get it running I could keep it. Say hello to my Grand Prix I guess.


25 years of trash buildup

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the interior, the door that is unlocked is blocked by several 55 gallon drums, The seats are almost perfect and all of the faux wood is still intact (and complete with blanket.)

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