1978 Mercedes Benz 240D 4 Speed Restoration

May I present to you, my latest project.

Barn/field find 1978 Mercedes Benz 240D with a 4 speed manual, manual HVAC controls, no sunroof, tobacco brown interior(I think, I need to double check), and it's brown, Topaz Brown to be exact. The guy selling it cleaned the upper part of the drivers door but it can be even better than that small patch.


Mind the missing door panel. I put it all back together, the seller had the door handle out for some reason. I only have one key for it but I suspect that it was cut from the valet key because it will not lock the glove box nor can I unlock the trunk. I need to pull the drivers door handle out and clean the tumbler out since the key wont slide all of the way in and turn.

Simple, yet elegant. I am very happy it has the original radio. If it was a Mexico life would be perfect. The dash has one small crack but other than that its perfect. The upper door trim has shriveled, but that's fairly common.


It's funny the owners manual has a page dedicated to passing maneuvers in your 240D which has at most 67 horsepower.


So I will try and post here as much as possible to share my somewhat of a restoration. If I win the lottery It will be sent to the Classic Center for a full on $$$$ restoration. I'll bring it back to life and enjoy it as it should.

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