1985 Celica GT: 200 miles later

I’ve been trying to drive the Celica as often as possible to see whatever quirks and surprises that may pop up that the previous owner may have omittted. But most of all, for pleasure. I love this car. So here’s my update on what this car really is, in the form of a Q&A.

Q: What’s the best part about the interior?

A: It has to be this hilariously oversized Camry steering wheel they decided to put in. Feels like I’m at the helm of a ship, not in the seat of sporty liftback.

Land ho! Also, brown brown brown brown

Q: Is the backseat useable?

A: Amazingly, yes! Plenty of leg- and head-room, though a first glance had me thinking no adult would fit back there. I’ve already loaded the car twice and all parties were quite comfy. Puts more former Integra to shame on that item.

Q: Is it an easy car to drive?

A: To cruise? You bet. To shift? No (see below). The clutch petal are way close to each other. Still not quite used to it. On all my other Toyotas, the brake pedal has been comfortably away from the clutch. But hey Mmm so sporty!


Also, the gaites are not like other old Toyotas. It’s pretty much likes only one spot on each gear. If you shift 5 degrees off into third, you’re in neutral and embarassed. The shifter is all, “No. Nope. NYAHH. Ohhh so close. No. YES! Dumbass.”


Q: How does it ride?

A: Like a sexy, sexy cloud.

Q: Is it fun?

A: I ask myself this rhetorical: Why did I not buy a RWD car sooner? It’s a completely different experience from any of my other vehicles. Feels like God is giving me a gentle nudge around corners.


Q: Is it fast?

A: 114 horsepower, 140 ft-lbs... Meaning no :)

Q: Any problems this far?

A: Why, yes! A week after purchase, one day it would not go into gear willingly. I would have to rev-match — haha nono, I suck at that. I would just use some elbow grease, which the transmission accepted once in gear, and the car would behave as intended.


Before you panic, this is the third Toyota R-series motor I’ve owned. This was a very familiar feeling to me. Sure enough, after popping da hood, I find an empty master slave cylinder. So I top it off and whatnot.


Now today, it gave me a fits trying to reverse out of a spot at a local park, where the puppy behaved mmmuhhhehhhh okay. I pumped the clutch for a few seconds, after which it would go into reverse, and then shifted fine afterwards. This is the second time today I had to do this. Furthermore, at times the petal can be a little sticky, taking it’s sweet time to return up after release from depression.

So basically there’s something goofy with the clutch. Shenanigans, I daresay! Dare!!!


Q: Oh mah Gawd! What will you do?

A: Hey, for 31 years old, it’s basically a perfect car [grinds shifting into reverse] ... Smooooth!


Q: Your best car ever?

A: The competition is scarce, but yes! No, my wife’s Pontiac does not count.

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