I figured I should do a review of the jaguar since I already did one of the alfa (see bottom of the page)

(Full Disclosure: This review is of a 30 year old luxury car that has 250K miles on it and a suspesion softer than a sleeprest mattress. Also expect some regular car references in here )

Exterior - 7/10

A design that was brought up in in the 60's and yet it still retained those classic lines all the way up into 87' (albeit from some help at pininfirina). Wrapped up in the perfect shade of British Racing Green, How can you say “no” to a car with lines like these. But this cat in particular has been the victim of a cheap respray. Drips at the corners, paint chipping off in peculiar places, and the occasional rust spot. Oh yeah and the spot where some dickwad key’d it.

Interior - 7/10


7 points in this category as well. But it’s well deserving of those seven points. Real leather, real wood, and to quote the once great jezza “it’s quieter than a library for church mice”. Even though it’s narrower than the modern car today it’s not cramped. It feels more like you have your own personal cocoon. And If i may quote Jeremy one more time “You feel safe, protected from the world and it’s troubles and as if your wandering as lonely as a cloud.”

Acceleration - 3/10


Ok let me get this out of the way right here, right now. This car is not quick, it’s fast, but not quick. This thing has a 4.2L straight six rated at 190 BHP when it was new. Pair it with extremely long highway gearing and you get a very smooth and fast car but its not quick. “It doesn’t accelerate, it advances”


Braking - 9/10


Why a 9 in this category? Because this is a 4200 LBS car but the brakes don’t feel cumbersome or aggressive. They don’t grab or do anything violent, they just work, almost like an outside force is slowing the car down. Plus inboard rear brakes let you have great fun with “WHOA DUDE WHERE ARE MY BRAKES!”

Ride - 6/10


Honestly this car doesn’t ride as good as one would expect. It’s jumpy and just kind of lumbers about. But that’s not car’s fault remember this car has 250 THOUSAND miles on it, it’s been to the MOON and it’s still on the original shocks. (springs have been replaced, all six of them).

Gearbox - 8/10


I’m sure a lot of you guys are going “WHAT!? AN AUTO SCORING THIS THIS HIGH?” But before you guys lynch me look at it this way. You never feel the the transmission shift, its that smooth. Plus the super long gears mean you’re turning low, quiet, economical RPMs all the time. 2300 RPM at 60 MPH with no overdrive ftw.

Toys - 4/10


This car doesn’t have any of that fancy stuff you find on modern cars. It’s just a barebones basic luxury car. But it does have a nice audio system in it. And if you ever get bored you can always just make it downshift.

Value - 10/10


When I was 14 I spent $2300 on a 30 year old jaguar with 238K miles on it, thinking I would drive it around for a few months and then it would grenade and I wouldn’t be able to fix it and then I would buy a normal car and get this “old car phase “ out of my system. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I never thought I would have gotten attached to a “leaky British pos”. Nor would I have thought that three years later I would still be driving it.

Total - 54/80 ( I omitted two catagories, hence the lower total score)

Engine: 4.2L Inline six

Power: 195 BHP when new

Transmission: 3 speed auto

0-60 Time: 7 seconds I think

Top Speed: 144 (pronouced one-fo-fo)

Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

Curb weight: around 4,200 pounds dry

Seating: 1 driver 3 passenger or 4 if your feeling cheeky

MPG: 15 errywhere

Price: $2,300 at purchase


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