Just getting the word out that there is a RHD, manual, 170 hp, fantastic sounding 2.9L Ford Cologne V6-powered TVR S2 in Argyle, Texas. It was just marked down to $20,000 (likely to generate interest). While not the enthusiast splooge-bait of the 3.5L Rover V8S models, and definitely no supercharged 2.0L V8* โ€” which I didnt know existed until five minutes ago โ€” I think all TVRs manage to be righteously insane even at Miata power levels.

*Already checked, this one is 1998 cc, so Ferrari does beat them with the 1990-1991 cc V8 in the 208.


Personally, I have just a bit more love for the clean square-light C4 Corvette around this price point.ย I know that there is a lurker out there ready to make a move and the current seller has been driving this everyday for the last 6 months. Give it some thought. Linky below: