1992 HRM Fastest Street Car Shootout

Before there was Drag Week, there was the Fastest Street Car Shootout! This video from 1992 has Mike Moran’s infamous (locally) Pinto Wagon, Jim Treppa’s ‘68 Camaro (C.A.R.S. team), Dan Scott’s ‘67 Camaro (also C.A.R.S.), Rick Dyer’s 1969 Camaro (The other famous C.A.R.S. racer), and Joe Yatooma’s ‘69 “Survivor” Camaro (another well known Detroit street racer). Enjoy the pro street goodness!

Mike Moran’s Pinto as it was when my Dad watched it street race. Not my photo

Now, I obviously don’t condone street racing. It’s stupid, immature, irresponsible, and totally dangerous, and Dad would agree.

BUT.... It does give Dad fond memories and awesome stories to tell, such as my favorite.

That Pinto above was known to stand up on the back bumper. One night, instead of going to Telegraph and watching races (Note: They did NOT race on Tele, they’d meet up then go somewhere with very little traffic), he took his girlfriend/future wife (my mother) on a date.

His buddies tell him the next day

“Dude! You should’ve seen it! A Pinto wagon wheelied up on the back bumper!”

Naturally, Dad thought “Yeah right, you’re just bullshitting me ‘cause I didn’t go.”


Well, he went down there the next night, and sure enough, he did it again. This time racing a KZ1000. He gave the bike the leave, stood it up, and STILL won (If I remember the story correctly).

Dimitri’s coupe. Also not my photo

Dave Dimitri’s ‘31 was another legend, simply because

A. It was fast

B. It’d go all over on the launch. You never knew where it was going to go!

Nowadays, Dave (obviously) only races it as the track, and it no longer gets loose.


There’s an old YellowBullet thread full of awesome/hilarious stories about the good ole days down there, but I don’t know if I want to link it. I don’t know how Oppo views that site.

I should also stress that Dad never actually raced. He’d just watch.

Sadly, cruising Telegraph is no longer a thing. Idiots fighting and shooting and whatnot (in addition to the racing, though again, I stress that the racing never took place there) ruined it. There are car shows there, but it’s not really the same.


Maybe with the blessing of law enforcement, someone will start it back up like they did with Van Nuys. Shit, maybe it’ll be me.

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