Last week my column series 2sday profiled 1992. When doing research about vehicles that came out in 1992, I learned that 1992 was the debut year of great automobiles. Here are just a few.

Jaguar XJ220

I hinted at one of them by posting this innocuous white van. Well as any fan of Top Gear knows, the white van houses the engine from the Jaguar XJ220. The Jaguar XJ220 debuted in 1992 and remains the last real exotic supercar that Jaguar built for commercial sale.

McLaren F1


The quintessential supercar of the 1990s and early 2000s until it was beaten by Koenigsegg and the Bugatti Veyron. The McLaren F1 was the car that appeared on the bedroom walls of teenage car enthusiasts.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution


The car best know for its rally heritage and Fast and Furious modifying crowd began in 1992.

Subaru Impreza


The AWD 4 door sedan with a rally heritage first debuted in 1992 and began its sale in early 1993.

1992 was not only a great year for performance and super cars, but more general consumer base cars including some of the most well know cars in the modern era.

Cheverolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon


The GMC Yukon came out in 1992, designed as a shorter version of the Suburban for utilitarian use, it wasn’t until 3 years later when the Tahoe becomes available from Chevrolet and established itself as the smaller soccer mom hauler.

Nissan Quest


Yes, the large bulbous van that became synonymous with families of the early 90s after the Dodge Caravan craze first went on sale in 1992.

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


The last generation, bulletproof police car we all learned to recognize at night began production in 1992. Note, this is not the debut of the Crown Victoria; however, it was the first year for production of the police specific model.

Hummer H1


The source of our latest Doug DeMuro entertainment, the civilian Hummer H1, was released in 1992. The civilian version debuted 8 years after the well known Humvee entered military service.

I know that there are many great years in automotive history. 1992 may not be the most significant and certainly there are other years that saw great vehicle releases. However, the resume of vehicle releases in 1992 is quite impressive.