1993 MR2 - NPoCP?

A guy on one of my Facebook car groups has listed this MR2 for sale. Overall, it doesn’t look too bad, but definitely needs some love, but I think his price of $4750 reflects that.

It’s a non-turbo that received a 3S-GTE swap and is a five-speed manual. A few things aren’t working - AC, ABS and airbags. As this would just be an extra/fun/project car for me, there wouldn’t be any urgent need to get various issues addressed.


I know NPoCP rule numero uno says not to buy someone else’s project, but I’ve always loved these cars and this one is pretty reasonably priced.

So, fellow Oppos, talk to me about the MR2 and what sort of price would make this old girl a NP, if any.

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