Here is the very delayed review of my new miata. Finals week got in the way of writing this so I apologize.

(Full disclosure: Mazda wanted me to drive this so much, they made commentators on jalopnik hype it enough to the point where I had to test drive one. Then Mazda let me purchase this one from the original owner for $2200.)

Exterior 7/10


I personally love the look of the first gen Miata, but this one has some front end damage from the previous owner. Also I don't believe this tthing has ever been waxed in it's entire life so it can't get the full 10 points.

Interior 6/10

This one is the m edition so it has some nice features like a wooden shift knob and wooden handbrake lever. It also has a tan leather interior that has been taken care of unlikely the exterior. My complaints are only on the size of the thing. I am a 6 foot 200 pound male, I have to sit all the way back and ghetto cruise in the thing. Luckily for me that is how I normally drive so it isn't too bad. Also the steering wheel rests on my thighs.


Acceleration 7/10


This thing feels fast. It has the 1.8 liter 4 cylinder that produces 133 bhp. Now that doesn't seem like much but when your coming from a car with only 100 bhp it feels insane. Plus the thing weighs in around 2500 with my fat ass in it.

Braking 7/10


The brakes are nice and bite well. But this car lacks ABS which can be a problem for some people.

Ride 8/10

I love the way this thing rides, but my mom hates it. She says it's too stiff, I think it is just right.


Handling 10/10


I think this thing handles perfectly but I am coming from a base model Hyundai Accent which handles as well as a boat.

Gearbox 9/10


I FREAKING LOVE THIS GEARBOX!!!!! I just hate the stupid Nardi shift knob. Seriously how do you hold it right. Also when shifting into third quickly i mute the radio.

Audio 5/10

I think the engine sounds nice but i wish it was louder. My car came with an aftermarket radio which is nice as it has an aux port. The stock speakers are absolute shit. Only 1 door speaker works, and all of the headrest speakers are blown.


Value 12/10

Everyone on here knows what the value of a Miata is so I don't have to explain that. The reason this one gets a 12 out of 10 is, I purchased it for a total of $2,210. Now it does have some minor frond end damage and a cracked taillight assembly, but it only has had 1 previous owner. It has all of the service records from the original dealership, and it only had 80,000 miles on it.


Total Score 71/90