There's Nothing screams Luxury like the old, big, coachwork-handbuilt Long Wheelbase Bentley. That's what my friend tell me why he end up buying this car. Yes, it's expensive, thirsty, heavy, and will be a huge pain in the ass when something goes wrong. But, is that old sentences are true? Well, i take his car for a spin yesterday, and here's the result.

(Full Disclosure: My friend didn't want to drive his new Bentley, instead he told me to drive it for him because he wanted to enjoy the rear seat. Which is okay, since I have always wanted to know how old Bentley's handle. )

Back in it's heyday, this car cost you 165 thousand dollars back in 1990's, which is a lot. But somehow my friend find one of this thing and end up buy this car because he couldn't find a Bentley Turbo R, and it's cost 45k, which is i think still a lot for this old car. But Luxury didn't come cheap, did they?

Exterior: 8


I love old Bentley design. It's surely looks really elegant and quintessentially British. It's like if you tell the architects of the castles in England to design a car, I'm sure it's either looks like an old Rolls or old Bentleys. Or a Jaguar XJ. And for me it's still looking elegant, even more elegant than a Continental GT or the newer Mulsanne for me, since the newer Bentley in my eyes look like a giant balloon.

Even by today's standard, it's still look nice. Very nice.

Interior: 8


The interior is feels like, well, a classic British castle. Yes it's hasn't got any giant screen sticking on the central console or a whole array of buttons scattered in central console. But, it's great. It's feels like a real car interior that engineered for maximum comfort and well-built material, not a plastic that made to look like a carbon fiber and giant screen. And really comfortable. More comfortable than my W140 S-Class.

But, the back that really kills me. It's really, really comfortable. I even take some sleep in the back, it's very comfortable.
Anyway, here's more pictures of the interior from the Bentley brochure:


Acceleration: 5


The Bentley got the massive 6.75L V8 engine, but unlike the Turbo R it got no turbo, according to Wikipedia. And it's produce 224 HP @ 4200 RPM plus 332 lb-ft of torque @ 1500 RPM. Sounds good, eh?
No. Thanks to it's massive 2.3 tonnes body, or 5258 lbs to be exact. 0 to 60 takes around 10 seconds, thanks to the 4-speed autobox. At the highway, i even didn't manage to push the car all the way to 100mph. Its slow. But why too hurry?

Ride: 9


No one should compromise with the ride ion the Bentley. As Jeremy Clarkson said: In Bentley, no one can hear you scream..

It's so quiet, so comfortable, even with Indonesian rural roads, it's just ions out bumps. It's so comfortable that even you can fall asleep in the steering wheel. My advice is when you feels tired, don't even try to drive the Bentley home. It's just amazing.

Handling: 5


How dare you!
You use the word handling!

That's forbidden in the world of old Bentley factories. You see, this car sacrifices handling for comfort. The steering is a bit numb, and since the car only have sufficient power to move itself, there's probably no enough power to do some wheelspin and drift. And the turning circle is wider than the moon.

Gearbox: 6


As you can see, it has a stick that let me go forward, and backward, and moving a tiny bit faster, and that's it. 4-speed actually, it's a bit archaic. Yes, it's smooth, and that's great, and that's it. That's making the driving this thing is a bit, dull. Okay, moving on.

Braking: 4

At least it stops bro, that's the important thing.
Braking distance is rubbish. I remember driving it at 80, than start braking to take an highway exit. But no, I missed it.
But then we discovered that the braking rotors is need to be replaced and now the car is on Bentley's Service Centre. But thankfully the previous owner is kind enough to pay the bill.


Audio: 6

This image was lost some time after publication.

Well, you hear nothing when the car goes in speed. There's always noise when you ride in a car, but in Bentley, nothing. And since we're not really like listens to the radio (Indonesian Radio is dominated by dangdut, some kind of indian music) we keeps the silence. I gave the score six because the head unit placed nicely (same unit as the Turbo R) and the speakers is, well at least it's audible.


Toys: 5

That's it.
No, not really. We get radio, cd and cassette player, central locking (i played with that thing)wipers, and probably that's it.


Value: 7

Well, at least for you 45k you get a quiet, good-looking, yet comfortable limo. But be prepared for some money in maintenance, since it won't cheap and sooner or later something will fall off. And some money on gas, since it's only made 9 mpg according to the brochure. But still, it's a great car with great value.


I wouldn't buy it, honestly. But it's such a great car to ride in.



Engine: 6.75 Liter V8
Power: 224 HP at 4200 RPM/ 332 lb-ft @ 1500 RPM
Transmission: Four Speed Automatic
0-60 Time: 9.7 seconds on the brochure
Top Speed: 128 mph
Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive
Curb Weight: 5258 lbs
Seating: 5 people
MPG: 9 City/18 Highway/13 Combined
MSRP: $165,000 ($45,000 As Tested)