So I was reading a little about my r50 pathfinder and I stumbled upon this article looking back at the C&D archives from 2001.

And struggling to find the original 1996 article it was referring to, I decided to just pick up a copy of the April 1996 C&D as it also included my former 3rd gen 4runner as the winner of the comparison. I will scan the entire test which includes: LR discovery, Olds Bravada, Explorer, 3rd gen 4runner, r50 pathfinder, Acura SLX, and zj Grand Cherokee. Its an absolutely great article and makes me miss print car magazines SO much. Here are the two pages about the pathfinder and the 4runner.

As the original article posted says,

“Although it has always scored high marks for quality and refinement, the Pathfinder has languished for years in the shadow of the Toyota 4Runner, and other more potent domestic sport-utes. Why? Because its acceleration was just this side of glacial. That’s over. Not only does the V-6 megadose of Vitamins H and T enhance forward progress by a bunch, it makes it easier to appreciate the Pathfinder’s other dynamic virtues: precise steering and handling that qualifies as eager, at least by SUV standards. With this one change, the Pathfinder zips from the ranks of the mid-size also-rans to contention for best-in-class.”


Im glad C&D likes my car.