1996 E36 328IS Known Issues?

Not an E36 but still cool. Also manual swapped.

After a few weeks of searching my friend and I have come across a car that seems to fit the bill of a beater drift car. The E36 we found is well within the budget but the owner does mention it has a few issues. From the ad:

“The car has 280,000 miles which is mostly highway miles ( 60 miles one way to work). The car runs and drives great but 2nd gear started to grind some when shifting in to it and it will need the slave cylinder replaced as the seal is going out on it and if you stay on the clutch pedal it will engage the transmission its an easy an inexpensive fix. The speedometer sometimes stops working but that’s an easy fix. There is some rust on the trunk lid and the back of the car on the passenger side under the tail light. The paint isn’t that great as the clear coat is peeling off. The interior is in good condition with wair on the drives seat. The car is lowered with bilstein shocks it has a nice stiff ride.”


The speedometer, rust, and paint don’t matter too much but the 2nd gear grind seems a bit worrying. I know its dumb to buy a car with tons of “easy fixes” but this is the first E36 that has come up in weeks. What do you say oppo?

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