So I am like 99% set on Buying the Dodge Neon I am looking at. However, the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger right away is that I have no idea if the timing belt has been done. Its at 160k miles so it would be a time bomb if it hasnt been done. Especially since I plan to autocross it. So I am trying to figure out how difficult it would be to replace the belt. It seems easy enough from tutorials but I have never worked on this motor at all so the little things will take time to do and figure out. Anyways for $1k I think its a good buy and the timing belt replacement should be cheap to do for sanity sake. Anything else I should be immediately replacing on a Neon with unknown history?

The seller didnt drive the car much at all, but planned to race it so he was going to change pretty much every part. Im only keeping it short term so I just want to make it not blow up and perhaps sell better later. So the easy stuff that would add value in a CL ad would be about all I want to do.