So my car won’t charge. When running, I get the same or slightly lower voltage than when it was off. This is the 3rd alternator. I replaced one about 4 months ago, and when it stopped charging I replaced it again. Still nothing. The alternator tests fine on the bench (Autozone tester) but not in the car. Both the 75A fusible link and the 7.5A Alt fuse are fine, as checked by a multi meter. I’ve run continuity tests to/from the alternator/battery. It all checks out fine. When I hook up a test light I have ground on the alternator case, and the small ground connector. I also have power at the charging post.

It has an internal voltage regulator. I first assumed I had a problem with the voltage regulator input. To check this, I cut off the input wire from the connector. I then ran a wire from the connector to the battery positive. That way I was sure the voltage regulator had input. I have continuity from that connector to battery positive and still no charging.

I’m out of ideas. Help me.

(Sexy alfa for your time)