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So I figured since I am going to be putting a lot of miles on this car, I figured I’d share updates with oppo. This is also the third car I’ve boughten, and the first new car I’ve gotten since coming back to oppo so I haven’t had a chance to do this before. Now onto the updates:

First off I would like to say the reason I got this car was because it is fun to drive and it’s running costs are cheaper than the M3s. One way this car differs from the M3 is fuel economy. The M3 gets between 13 and 15 around town and 18 and 20 on the highway.


For the first fill up, I reset both the economy meter and the trip odometer. We have seen before that it’s a bit optimistic in the M3:

With the first tank in the 328i, I got 362.3 miles out of it and used 14.584 gallons. The math tells me I did 24.8 mph, still not what the gauge says, but still better than the M3. The first 120 miles were basically me just joyriding, so we shall sees how it settles down into it’s role as a highway cruiser in a few tanks.

I have also decided to track all associated costs with this car. I wanted to do that with the M3, but for some reason never did. So if you want to know how much it costs to own an 8 year old BMW 328i 6MT M-Sport, you’ll find out.


Also, at some point there will be an E92 328i vs E90 M3 review. I haven’t decided what route I want to go with on that one, if I want to compare small differences between the cars or what, if you’ve got any ideas you’re welcome to share them. For example, all pre-LCI E90s had the smokers pack as standard, this was removed in the LCI update. However, all US-Spec LCI M3s retain the smokers pack. My E92 is a pre-LCI E92 and yet doesn’t have the smokers pack yet does have the pre-LCI HVAC controls. That kind of details, I’m not sure if anyone else would enjoy that, so I’m open to suggestions on how to write it up.

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