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1st day assessment of the Prix

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[excuse the portrait pic, my camera won’t take nice landscape photos anymore] so it’s officially been a day since I took the Prix home with me. Needless to say, it’s been quite the interesting experience. Keep in mind that for the past 5 years, I’ve been DD a PT cruiser.


The only similarity that I’ve discovered between the prix and pt is the fwd system, where I’m being pulled instead of pushed. The prix sits lower than the pt, is considerably longer that the pt, and feels a lot wider that the pt. Plus since the prix sits closer to the ground, there is a significant decrease in body roll. Then again, I haven’t push the prix hard yet.

The pt has 150 hp and 165 torque, while the prix has 200 hp and 230 torque. Whereas the pt takes a while to get up to speed (you can calmly drink your coffee while jamming your foot down) the prix jumps up to the speed, where I immediately take my foot off the gas because I’m trying to find that sweet spot. The sweet spot, is of course, where you give the car gas and it allows you to cruise the car without increasing your speed. It changes with your speed, but I’m looking for the sweet spot at 70 mph.


Also, the acceleration is crazy with the prix! It’s tense for me because I’m not use to that kind of response from any car. And I’m nervous that it might be too much for me to handle, at least right now. I am slowly adjusting to it though. I’m not saying it’s bad, but it’s different from what I’m used to. I honestly can’t imagine a super charger on the engine.

I’m planning on pulling a Takumi move from Intial D, and drive two cars periodically. I really want to get used to both, known their differences, and the pros and cons of each. I plan on driving the pt on the weekends, and the prix during the weekdays. It’s gonna be crazy for me to constantly readjust to these two cars, but I think it’s a needed challenge if I’m to consider myself a gearhead. Personally testing myself, challenging myself, so I can adapt to any car.


Well, that’s my assessment of the prix so far, coming from a gearhead who’s previous fastest car was a pt. It’s nothing compared to what you guys have, but I’m working my way up there, :).

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