Aaaaaand the verdict is... i*Pikes ain’t got nothing on Blizzaks.

These are... not.

It’s not that they’re bad. And it seems most people who’ve used them liked them. But they really highlight something—there’s snow tires, and then there’s Blizzaks. Seriously. Going off memory I’d say these are roughly on par with Blizzaks that already have a season of wear on them. Still pretty decent traction, they offer predictable handling most of the time, but nowhere near the nailed-down feeling of the Blizzaks.

Of course, this initial impression could have something to do with the idiots who run this city salting the ever-loving fuck out of the roads BEFORE the snow came. It’s one thing if you’re expecting flurries. It’s another when you’re expecting 6". Raw snow is far better than that disgusting mix you get with snow on top and slush underneath. Plow then salt, people. WTF. Instead, they do this:


This pisses me right off.

There’s already 2" down and they refuse to put the bloody blade down. WHAT THE HELL IS IT FOR IF NOT FOR THIS. SALT ISN’T GOING TO HELP UNLESS YOU TAKE AWAY THE SNOW DAMMIT.


On the bright side, yay snow!!!