Put a 1" shock spacers on the ZR2.




spacer is wayyyy up there. Wish I had my 18mm ratchet wrench on me. Standard wrench did fine, just took about 30 minutes to undo 3 nuts.


Drives the same, but an inch higher in the front. Helps level it even to the rear suspension. Inch is the most you can do without hurting the C/V joints.


That front bumper has to go...


That’s why I ordered this!!!! CBI offroad ZR2 front bumper with bar. Went with this one over the Relentless because this one has a gasket that goes on top between the body, and they make more stuff so better build quality?

Im not adding a winch, but will add two square yellow lights to use as fog lights / blind everyone (no I don’t do that)


Should be in sometime in January

Maybe some bigger tires when these need replacing ;D

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