1yr living with a 90's mid engine 4wd japanese import

Now that sounds amazing, who wouldn’t want a 90's mid engine 4wd japanese car, i mean lets be honest the 90s were a good time for cars.

So iv had my car for a year, its been good to me until the dreaded M.O.T

if failed but only on small simple things, both front cv boots torn (might have something to do with off roading it) a rear tyre (correct spelling) needed changing and rear brake pads were low, nothing that cant be fixed in a few hours. she has passed now so its all good.


anyway its time to let you know what car it is......... Toyota estima 8seater. its basically a previa but slightly smaller to fit in a different tax class in japan.

i have fallen in love with it, its done 2 trips on holiday (500+miles both ways) and all our other trips everywhere we have put 35,000 miles on it in a year and the only part that caused me any issues is a coolant temp sensor went bad a month after buying it and it would cause the car to think it overheating and shut off, £8 later and its fixed.


my future plans for it are a 2"lift and some 215/75/15 all terrains, they should fit under the arches quiet well if not then iv got to buy a door wedge for the sliding door to kick the back out an inch ish to clear the wheels with the small issue that no one actually makes them.

iv got a factory toyota hilux nudge bar/bull bar to fit and it needs an exhaust as the one on it is super rusty, iv got a cherry bomb silencer for it, cost £5 second hand. i might look into making a snorkel as well.


so yeah if you made it to here you have earned 1 whole internet point, thank you for reading my kinda pointless ramble.

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