Last year we met today’s Peugeot so now let’s head to the skies and meet the Tupolev Tu-204.

Intended as a rival to the A321 and Boeing 757, the Tu-204 first flew in 1989 and continues in very small scale production with just two made last year. Most of the 34 remaining in service are operated by Russian airliners or those of countries friendly to Russia but the largest individual user is the Russian state. The 204 is made as passenger, freight or convertible versions and is made in two different factories which gives it two names - it’s a Tu 204 if made in Ulyanovsk, but a Tu 214 if made in Kazan. The main difference between the two is that the 214 (below) has three full size doors on the left side while the 204 has two main and two emergency doors.

The 204 has the unusual distinction that all of the initial customers went into liquidation.


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